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Jacob Glick of Maricopa County, Arizona, serves as the current Director of Wholesale Operations and Sales at The Medicine Room managing the Hi Klas & Vital brands. For the past three years, Mr. Glick was the Director of Sales for their entire wholesale product line. An extensive traveler, Mr. Glick comes with exposure and insight into the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis- as well as how to best promote, produce, and provide it to the consumer audience.

Jacob Glick of Arizona

A graduate of Arizona State University, Jacob Glick holds a Bachelor of Science. Mr. Glick takes pride in being a quick learner, who can swiftly make sound inferences from data gleaned. He is a problem-solver, adept at working through complex situations with multidisciplinary solutions.


Jacob Glick brings a unique entrepreneurial skill-set to his position at The Medicine Room. He also has experience as a business owner with the ability to implement initiatives that foster growth across entire organizations with his unique blend of operational know-how from across varied and distinctive fields.


Jacob Glick is a leader that is both resourceful and multifaceted. From inventive problem-solving to keen communication, Mr. Glick is able to quickly assess, situate, and pinpoint possible solutions. As a team leader, he is able to instill trust and foster pride in the other members of the team, looking for and identifying new niches and markets that meet the needs of the customer, while also contributing to future growth while simultaneously increasing the company's bottom line.


Through his work in project analysis, Mr. Glick has been able to contribute to business development and efficient workflow management. Through his insight, he has initiated expansion of businesses in tandem with executives and experts, collaborations which have honed his own best business practices intuitively.


Consider some of Mr. Glick’s varied accomplishments, in the Cannabis industry and beyond:   

- Has consistently met and exceeded sales records.

- Has led teams successfully to achieve 100% annual revenue growth.

- Demonstrated increased sales through effective initiatives and fulfillment strategies within 90-day timeframe.

- Effective and informed communicator with experience engaging stakeholders and industry experts.

- Delivers training programs that have increased company profits.

- Able to promote vision, convey purpose, and inspire the team toward common goals.


Additionally, Mr. Glick is an innovator in the Cannabis industry, with previous experience managing brands later sold to Verano. His efforts have received recognition via 2020 Leaf Link Customer Service Award, as well as publicity for his work with Pups & Pre-rolls, which aims to encourage pet adoption through a Cannabis reward system.

Jacob Glick is proud of and motivated by his contributions and accomplishments in the Cannabis industry, from analyzing markets to selling products off the shelf. With legalization on the horizon, Mr. Glick continues to make a positive economic impact on the potentially prosperous industry of legalized Cannabis.

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