About Me

Jacob Glick is a 36-year-old Arizona native raised in a typical middle-class family by two loving Jewish parents & has a fantastic sister to boot. His father worked as a manager for a multitude of companies, while his mother taught English at his high school. The two met when they were just teenagers and moved to Arizona to attend college. Jacob Glick followed in their footsteps & ended up going to Arizona State University on a full academic scholarship to become a Materials Engineer. After one semester, it became apparent that he would be miserable crunching numbers all day in some cubical. Eventually, Jacob Glick of Arizona landed in the business world, graduating with honors. The next 15 years that followed proved to be a wild ride.

Jacob Glick’s early career landed him in a role running the East Coast & UK division for a real estate development company. As a young and frankly naive 20-something-year-old, this good ol’ boy from Arizona was thrown into the deep end of the fast past life that is the East Coast. He found myself traveling over 250,000 miles a year in the air, 50,000 miles on the ground and consistently worked 100 hours a week. After breaking 1,000,000 airline miles, it became apparent, the time for a change had arrived. Jacob Glick bought a home and re-established his roots in Arizona; however, the love of travel stayed. His goal in life was to do one thing - enjoy it. Back then, that meant to travel. Why work hard if you never get to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Jacob Glick of Arizona would go on to visit more than 30 States and over 30 countries. The best of them all, which may come to most as a shock, was Lviv (Ukraine). The people are some of the kindest, and the most fun he has ever had the pleasure to interact with & their food is terrific. The insanely low cost of living surely didn’t hurt either. Helpful hint, if you’re traveling anywhere in Eastern Europe, do yourself a favor and let people know you’re American right off the bat. As soon as it’s known that you’re not British, people become a whole lot nicer.

After a relatively long period, rotating through various relationships, some lasting years and others weeks, Jacob Glick lucked out one day and met a Southern woman from Mississippi. He had never even spoken to someone from Mississippi in all his years of travel, let alone seen the place. To be fair, she hadn’t met a Jewish person until she moved to Arizona either. Over the years, they would travel through the Bible Belt as she introduced him to the finest cuisines they had to offer; fried pickles, fried catfish, fried Oreos, fried everything. Ultimately landing them in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel on February 29th, saying their vows, having a 2nd line parade down Bourbon Street, and naturally ending with a live crawfish boil. Fast forward to today, and they’re approaching their first anniversary with a baby girl on the way (thank you IVF) and a needy Papillion in tow.

Thanks in part to Jacob Glick’s new brother-in-law, his career has taken a unique path as he has been working in the Cannabis industry for over three years now. While visiting Mississippi, he asked him what he would do if he could do anything. One word said confidently and without hesitation, “Marijuana.” Shortly after that, Jacob Glick reached out to an old friend from high school. He knew he was growing marijuana in Arizona, which had legalized medical use not but a handful of years prior. They say life is about timing because his company just happened to be looking to fill a role. A handful of meetings later, and Jacob Glick of Arizona was the Director of Sales for their entire wholesale product line. The industry is beyond fun. Don’t get him wrong; it’s still business, and it’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding. Cannabis is so much more than the Cheech & Chong stereotype that is thought of immediately when imagining someone who uses Cannabis. As the world continues to move towards legalization, people will be exposed to it in a positive way, and the beneficial purposes will lead to a massive economic boom. The industry that currently exists is just the tip of the iceberg, as is today. Today is just the beginning of tomorrow’s journey, and Jacob Glick looks forward to it both personally and professionally.


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