Jacob Glick: An Unconventional Business Success

Jacob Glick

March 11, 2021

Jacob Glick (10)

Jacob Glick of Arizona is from Maricopa County, Arizona. He was raised by two parents and has one sister. Jacob Glick went to Arizona State University with the goal of becoming a Materials Engineer, with a full scholarship. However, he realized after one semester that he was not going to be happy in his chosen career path. Jacob Glick ultimately graduated from school with honors and ended up in the business world.

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At first, Jacob Glick was in a position where he was running the East Coast & UK division of a real estate development company. He was put into a life to which he was not accustomed; Jacob Glick was now doing an enormous amount of traveling and was working tirelessly every week. Once he broke 1,000,000 airline miles, it was clear that it was time for a change for Jacob Glick. This is when he decided to purchase a home and go back to his roots in his home state of Arizona.


Jacob Glick decided that he wanted to enjoy life and do a lot of traveling. He ultimately visited more than 30 nations and more than 30 states. His favorite was Ukraine, where he found that the people were very nice. Today, Jacob Glick and his wife are approaching their one-year anniversary, with a child on the way that was brought about by IVF.


Jacob Glick would soon find himself in new business ventures, in part due to his new brother-in-law. Jacob Glick has now been working within the cannabis industry for more than three years. Jacob Glick realized that marijuana was something that he wanted to work with, and then he reached out to an old friend from Arizona whom he knew was growing cannabis. Arizona had legalized the use of medical marijuana fairly recently. The friend’s company was looking for someone to fill a role, and Jacob Glick attended a few meetings to eventually become the Director of Sales for the entire product line (wholesale). Jacob Glick looks forward to what is going to happen for him professionally and also what the world has in store as the world keeps moving towards the legalization of marijuana. As the world is moving in this direction, people are going to continue to be exposed to marijuana in a positive way, and this is likely going to lead to an economic boom. Once people realize that cannabis is used by much more than the existing stereotypes of Cheech & Chong, the world will see that the cannabis industry now is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what it is going to be years from now.


Jacob Glick also advertises products containing CBD. Jacob Glick is happy to be an instrumental figure in the forward movement of the cannabis industry and looks forward to what the future has to offer. Jacob Glick’s wholesale division is 1 of 9 companies nationally, and the only Arizona firm, to win the 2020 Leaf Link Customer Service Award.