Jacob Glick of Arizona Discusses Receiving the 2020 LeafLink Customer Service Award

Jacob Glick

April 7, 2021

Jacob Glick Arizona (30)

Jacob Glick of Arizona recently discussed receiving the 2020 LeafLink Customer Service Award.


Roughly 12 percent of Americans are marijuana users, and the industry brings in nearly $14 billion per year. This industry is constantly growing, and it saw a sales increase of 67 percent in 2020. Jacob Glick of Arizona, the Director of Wholesale Operations at The Medicine Room in Maricopa County, recently discussed the LeafLink Customer Service Award and what it means to him.

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“I was so elated to receive the 2020 LeafLink Customer Service Award,” Jacob Glick of Arizona said. “I’ve dedicated my career in the cannabis industry to helping others, and I’m honored that the industry has acknowledged my hard work.”


Jacob Glick of Arizona explained that he is always eager to introduce people to the benefits marijuana can provide for individuals as well as entire communities. The LeafLink list is a celebration of individuals and wholesale cannabis companies. Awards are provided in the categories of Top Brands, Community Favorites, Industry Innovators, Best Customer Service, and more. LeafLink highlights the top companies in the industry, helping consumers make wise decisions while shopping for cannabis and cannabis products. 


Each winner of a LeafLink List Award has been studied and analyzed throughout the year. Jacob Glick of Arizona was proud to be featured with The Medicine Room for providing the highest level of customer service to clients. 


LeafLink is a wholesale marketplace for the cannabis industry, connecting more than 5,700 retailers and 1,700 brands across 27 countries. LeafLink connects customers with the top brands in the industry by highlighting those that are influencers, positive influences on local communities, innovators, and more. 


“Customer service is the key to any great cannabis brand,” Jacob Glick of Arizona said. “Our customers enter with a long list of questions and concerns, and we need to be able to help them make wise decisions when choosing cannabis products.” 


At The Medicine Room, Jacob Glick of Arizona prides himself on helping individuals throughout the entire cannabis purchasing process. He gets to know his customers, so he can help them better fulfill their needs. 


“This industry is beyond fun,” Glick said. “It’s business, and it’s a lot of work, but it’s the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. I enjoy going to work every day and interacting with my customers, and I think that’s why I received this award. I’m fully dedicated to what I do, and I love helping improve my customers’ lives through cannabis.” 


Glick finished by stating that he believes the more people learn about cannabis and its benefits, the better society will be. Cannabis has the ability lead to a major economic boom, resulting in superior well-being for all, whether they prefer to use cannabis or not.