Jacob Glick of Arizona: Investing in the Unconventional

Jacob Glick

April 23, 2021

Jacob Glick of Arizona: Investing in the Unconventional

Jacob Glick of Arizona is 36 years old. He was raised by two parents, who were both Jewish, and he has one sister. The family was middle class. His father worked as a manager for different companies, and his mother was an English teacher at his high school. Jacob Glick went to Arizona State University on a full academic scholarship, aiming to become a materials engineer. However, after one semester, he realized that this was not the field in which he wanted to work.


Jacob Glick of Arizona had an interesting next 15 years after this. In his early career, he ended up running the East Coast & UK division of a real estate development company. He was in his 20s at this point, and he was thrown into a lifestyle with which he was unfamiliar on the East Coast. Jacob Glick was now traveling more than 250,000 miles every year by plane and 50,000 miles on the ground, and he was typically working at least 100 hours per week.


At this point, Jacob Glick of Arizona realized that this was not the life that he wanted and that a change needed to be made. He bought a home in his native state of Arizona, although he continued to have a passion for travel. He ended up visiting more than 30 countries and 30 States after this. His favorite was Ukraine, as he loved the food and thought that the people were very kind and fun. The cost of living was also extremely low, which he liked as well.


At one point, Jacob Glick met a woman from Mississippi. They eventually got married in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel. Now, they are coming up on their first wedding anniversary and have a daughter on the way, who was conceived with the help of IVF, as well as a Papillion dog. Jacob Glick of Arizona has publicly shared some opinions of how the pandemic is putting stress on spousal relationships.


Jacob Glick of Arizona realized that he wanted to work with cannabis, so he reached out to an old friend with whom he had gone to high school. He knew that this individual was growing in the industry and in the state of Arizona, where medical use of marijuana had recently been legalized. His friend’s company was looking to fill a position at that point, for which Jacob Glick was perfect. Jacob Glick would eventually become the Director of Sales for the wholesale product line of this company.


Jacob Glick is very excited about the direction in which his career is going to go and how it is going to impact his personal life as well. The world is continuing to move towards the legalization of marijuana, and he expects that people are going to have positive experiences with it. Because of all of the benefits that come with it, he expects a huge economic boom as well, which will likely expand the Cannabis industry.